Sala Thai Wellness Therapies

 Massage and Combination Treatments

1. Traditional Thai Massage:
30 Min-45 euro,
60 Min-55 euro,
90 Min-80 euro
120 Min-105 euro *
(* all card payments +3% to cover extra cost)


2. NEW! Thai Massage with special natural skin smoothing oil candle:
60 Min-60 euro, 90 Min-85 euro, 120 min-110 euro *

3. Traditional Thai Massage with Herbal Ball Stamp for extra Release of Muscle Soreness:
120 Min-120 euro *

4. Combination of Thai and Oil Massage with Herbal Ball Stamp for extra Release of Muscle Soreness:
120 Min-120 euro *

5. Foot Massage:
30 Min – 
45 euro,  60 Min-55 euro *

* Card payments +3% to cover our extra cost.

To avoid disappointments please make an appointment ahead of time: tel. 020-2210932

Some theory and practice of Thai massage therapies:

Thai massage practice sees your body as a whole in contrary to most Western therapies and treatments which look only at the parts of the body. Just as a car, repairing or changing one part that does not function well. The parts of our body in itself don’t make us function well. The body consists of a whole that functions together. The whole is, if in balance, functioning in unison. Thai massage helps to maintain those healthy body functions and prevent future discomfort and disease. Regular massage using rhythmic pressure and stretching helps eliminating toxins from tissues and thus boosting the immune system. These deep compressions and stretches help the circulatory system by supplying more blood and oxygen to the body and internal organs keeping them in working harmony. A task that is not easy in today’s a stressed lifestyles. One important part of  Thai massage is  ‘distant’ stimulation: areas of the body will be affected by stimulating other, distant areas. This seems akward to some but is very normal as everything in your body is connected and always working together.  The other part of Thai massage: the stretching and joint opening movements has similarities with  physiotherapy or chiropractics but is of course part of the same oneness of your body. The Thai masseur uses fingers, thumbs, palms, feet, elbows and knees to press, pull and stretch, guiding into various postures. In areas of tension the pressure can be held for a longer time. This combination of slow movements and focused awareness creates a sense of flowing around and with the receivers body.   The pressure and stretching  given might be soft, medium or hard dependent on sensitivity, flexibility and level of muscular tension but also on age and health condition. If all is perfect the best masseur should be connected with the person who gets a massage feeling what is good without thinking about traditional techniques. A Thai massage lasts normally 1.5 – 2 or even 3 hours. One hour is considered to be short. It is so because the techniques of the Thai massage are relaxed in pace and cover the whole body, from feet to the head.