Welcome to Sala Thai Wellnesss

About Sala Thai Wellness

Sala Thai Wellness specialises in Thai massage and the original Thai herbal steam spa.    

Massage and especially Thai massage benefits your health in many ways. Stress is released from your body and strained muscles are relaxed. Especially those who work daily in positions that put strain on their bodies will notice blockages and strains in their muscles. These affect not only those parts but your whole body as all muscles and organs are connected.

Here at Sala Thai Wellness we adapt the massage to each person according to their wishes. This can involve a relaxing massage after a days work for example, or a massage mainly focussed on strained muscles and blocked areas that are causing discomfort. So we try to adapt to what your body needs most.

This can be combined with our relaxing herbal steam spa. Our herbal steam spa not only gives relaxation prior to a massage but also improves the skin helping to transport toxic waste out of your body.

We look forward to see you in our relaxing environment at the Molukkenstraat 47 HS, Amsterdam.

Our Staff

All our staff have learned their massage skills in various schools and massage practices throughout Thailand.

Because our staff studied in different locations, and as each person is unique,  you will notice that every masseuse has their own personal way of giving a massage.

As every person who receives a massage is also unique, there will always be a person that gives you the massage that you might prefer.

This is perfectly normal as giving and getting a massage is always a personal experience.